Then Dianetics and Scientology appeared. Here was a real, an actual working technology. They worried about it and considered it was a direct threat to psychiatry.

     And they made a very ghastly mistake.

     Secretly they spent time and money all over the world to discredit and suppress Dianetics and Scientology.

     Working through heads of press chains they controlled, working through ministers of health they had appointed with lies and false alarms, they continuously secretly fought Dianetics and Scientology.

     Enduring these attacks and alert, Dianetics and Scientology people somehow kept going and kept watching.

     In the autumn of 1968 the cat was out of the bag. The source of all these attacks all these years was identified.

     Helped by allies amongst medical doctors and the psychiatrists themselves, helped quietly by police agencies and national intelligence forces, Scientologists were at length able to name names and furnish proof.

     Now it was the psychiatrists’ turn to take it on the chin.

     Because Scientologists broke no laws, committed no crimes and had a factual, effective mental technology they could not be destroyed. The public was on their side.

     But this was not the case with psychiatry.

     The most basic laws of humanity had been broken by them. Mayhem, rape, torture, murder were commonplace crimes amongst them. Decaying bodies, dead by violent torture, were exhumed in the ground of psychiatric asylums. Vicious political connections, misappropriated funds, incarceration of patients for political reasons, these with a parade of social, sexual, drug and unnatural offenses began to fall out of the skeleton-filled closets of psychiatry.

     Their laws of easy seizure began to be challenged and thrown out. Funds began to be cut off. Man again began to raise his head.

     The Scientologists were the only roadblock on the psychiatric joy ride to degradation.

The Fight For Freedom continued...

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