The Fight For Freedom - 24 September 1969

“The 19th century ridicule of their kind had died out. By vast pretensions and lies they had worked themselves into a towering position of power and authority.”

cientology’s battle against psychiatry is receiving more and more support across the world.

     Largely unchallenged in the century after psychiatry’s origin in Leipzig Germany, and its steady and brutal campaign against the dignity and freedom of man, psychiatry hit its only major dissent in the early 1950s.

     Brock Chisholm* with his friends which included Harry Dexter White* and Alger Hiss* were very alarmed at Scientology’s threat to their sweeping plans.

     Secretly, from cover which was not fully exposed until last year, they used every press and government channel they could hoodwink and control to discredit Scientology, its principles and its organizations.

     Up until then, the groups of psychology and psychiatry had worked undetected for nearly eighty years in establishing an above-law dominance.

     There was some challenge in the late 19th century when authors occasionally exposed this psychiatric group as acting to do away with the rich relative so that some unprincipled family member would benefit and give the asylum keeper his cut.

     In the first quarter of the 20th century the movies often portrayed their mad experimentations as inhuman and the “Mad Russian doctor” was a prime horror movie villain.

     With tactics which would have filled a confidence trickster with awe, the psychiatric front groups successfully wiped out all important criticism and by 1950 was secretly and successfully engaged upon a two-pronged campaign:

     (a) The degradation and dominance of man and

     (b) The harvesting of government millions.

     In 1948 when “Dr.” Brock Chisholm and a dozen other fellow conspirators in the World Federation of Mental Health and the World Health Organization took over the grass roots international organization of Clifford Beers and perverted it to their own planning, they had no real powerful enemy in the world.

     The 19th century ridicule of their kind had died out. By vast pretensions and lies they had worked themselves into a towering position of power and authority.

     They authored easy seizure laws in every land; they were in a position to kidnap and kill any human being on the planet. Their word was accepted without question as the only authority on sanity and insanity, crime and criminality, and life and death. The money was rolling in in avalanches.

     This was no mean trick as it was done without any demonstration of any kind that they could cure or change insanity or make even one man consistently well. It was a trick done without any helpful technology. It was done totally by “PRO” skills—public relations, press, pomp, brag, “the best people.”

The Fight For Freedom continued...

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