The reason government agencies do not act against them is that they control, by holding wives and daughters as hostages, many political figures.

     This is the group and network which spreads the lies and instigates actions against Scientology and its people.

     This group is seeking to suppress every beneficial treatment of the insane, to eradicate all boundaries and constitutions, to spread dope and seize anyone who disagrees.

     The intelligence service of the Third Reich was composed mainly of doctors if you care to look up the list of Hitler’s agencies.

     The technology they advocate is Russian in origin but is forbidden to be used in Russia.

     There probably is no more illegal group on the planet.

     If their program of “Mental Health” is closely examined it will be found to be curiously like the plans of Stalin and Hitler, complete with seizures in the night, weird experimental surgery and death camps.

     The only organization that is making any progress against these people is Scientology.

     Scientologists have exposed them, have made them afraid. Seven out of twelve of their top leaders are now no longer functioning. Their income has fallen to a point where representatives in charge of the fund collection drives are whining that the WFMH is going bankrupt.

     There is probably no more hated figure in the world today than the psychiatrist.

     When this illegal and preposterous network set as its target the eradication of the only new Western development in the field of the mind, they made a fatal mistake.

     Politicians who still bow to their will are also making a mistake.

     Organizations like the WFMH went out of style the day the world learned of Dachau and other Nazi death camps.

     The public is wholly on the side of Scientology.

     This has been a fight to the death.

     The WFMH is dying.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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