The Unholy Stick Together - 2 August 1969

“There is probably no organization on Earth that operates as illegally as the WORLD FEDERATION OF MENTAL HEALTH.”

here is probably no organization on Earth that operates as illegally as the WORLD FEDERATION OF MENTAL HEALTH.

     This psychiatric front group, advocating injury and death for the insane and anyone they wish to seize and pronounce “insane,” is a fly-by-night corporation, registered to do business in Delaware, the US state where corporations are given with no questions asked.

     But it does not do any business in Delaware.

     It used to operate illegally in Switzerland. It was not registered to do business there. Yet it engaged in money-making activities for twenty years.

     When reproached for overlooking its illegal status, the Health Minister for Switzerland (all these “Health Ministers” are connected to the WFMH ring) said it was all right for it to be illegal but it wasn’t all right for anyone else to be illegal. Wonderful.

     It is presently in Scotland where it isn’t registered either. It has no right to do business there and if the crime were discovered it would entail very heavy fines.

     In fact, it isn’t a legal organization.

     Although it is heavily engaged in politics and appoints most of the Health Ministers in the world and influences elections, it makes no report of campaign contributions.

     Its “directors” have some dizzy personal retirement scheme in addition to a fantastic salary of 7,000 pounds a year. All this is paid for by local contributions to “help the starving insane.”

     This group’s members are other groups, making a secret network over the world.

     The member groups call themselves “National,” whereas this is illegal as they are not part of any government, they just falsely state they are. They are private profit-making groups.

     There is only one national mental health activity in the world that is part of a government. This is the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

     Through this one official agency, these false groups and their secret center, the WFMH, are supported by government graft funds.

     The US government hands out vast sums to organize the WFMH “Congresses.” These are attended by Russian and iron curtain country delegates.

     The man who keeps up the WFMH front in the United Nations is financed by a huge munitions combine.

     This international network pushes dope, advocates death and easy seizure.

     Their couriers fly over the world continually arranging new ways to influence legislation and keep their resident directors informed.

     Their activities in the US are unconstitutional.

The Unholy Stick Together continued...

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