How To Win An Argument - 16 June 1969

“...psychologists and psychiatrists do have a piece of technology. Anyone who has any other idea than total social control is labeled ‘crazy.’ ”

t is not entirely just to say that psychiatrists and psychologists have no technology.

     True, they can cure nothing and cannot change anyone for better or worse and as a result have to kill “difficult patients.”

     But they do have one piece of technology.

     This is concerned with winning arguments.

     Anyone who disagrees with their planned totalitarian rule is pronounced “insane.” He is seized quietly, conveyed to a prison, tortured and usually permanently injured or killed.

     People they cannot get their hands on but who exist in literature or legend they also pronounce “insane.”

     Barry Goldwater* was labeled a “paranoid schizophrenic” by psychiatrists employed by the opposing party. Whittaker Chambers* was dubbed a “psychopathic personality.” Woodrow Wilson* was declared a “megalomaniac,” and even Jesus Christ, when the psychiatrists decided religion barred their way to world control, was called a “born regenerate” with a “fixed delusional system” manifesting a “paranoid clinical picture (so typical) it is hardly conceivable people can even question the accuracy of the diagnosis.”

     In other words, psychologists and psychiatrists do have a piece of technology. Anyone who has any other idea than total social control is labeled “crazy.” This at once disposes of the fellow of course. It invalidates his views and so gets them out of the road of “psychiatric progress” toward the Total State.

     There are only two things odd about this technology.

     One is that it is only used on people who speak of freedom or whose views oppose psychiatric ambitions.

     The other is that it cannot be called new. Even though a lot of Latin is employed to make the point, it is very difficult to find any difference between this technology and that employed by little boys.

     As almost anyone has always known, devoid of all Latin terms, when two little boys can’t agree on some vague point little boys disagree about, one or the other since caveman times has always tried to end the argument by saying:

     “You’re crazy!”

     Could it be their whole technology has never really advanced beyond that of the neighborhood bully?

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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