This is nondelivery. The psychiatrist, psychologist and their clerk, the sociologist, point out how bad things are getting and demand even more money.

     The patients who live get crazier, the state itself becomes imperiled and yet no psychiatrist or psychologist or sociologist or their “mental health” cliques ever pay back a penny of their unearned fees.

     So what is this label “quack”?

     We have to have a more solid term.

     It is hypocrisy to accuse others of doing what one is himself secretly doing.

     It is arrant fakery to pretend to cure all social ills and control populations and then produce only riots.

     These men, their appropriations, their tortures and murders are all in vain.

     They have produced only chaos.

     They are the quacks.


     Sometimes a family has to prevent one of its members from associating with bad companions.

     It is time the public forbade its politicians to associate further with these bad advisers, the psychiatrist and psychologist.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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