Quackery And Fakery - 16 June 1969

“These men, their appropriations, their tortures and murders are all in vain.
“They have produced only chaos.
They are the quacks.”

hese “mental health” organizations that seek to create a totalitarian state superior to the police, the courts and the people are very fond of stating in their literature, to the press and to governments that they oppose “quackery” and that all “quacks” must be eradicated.

     Historically, a “quack” was someone who sold quicksilver or mercury at English fairs as a cure for disease. Specifically, a “quack” is one who sells ointments or patent medicines and refuses to refund the fee of ointment or treatment if no cure is effected. The old English fair “quack” of course passed on to the next fair before his clients found that the ointments didn’t work.

     Strangely, the full-fledged DOCTOR of that period and the psychiatrist of this current period could not and do not cure anything either.

     Politicians, social departments are always being harassed by these fake “mental health” groups to round up “quacks,” abolish “quacks” and leave the entire field open to men who can’t cure anything.

     The psychiatrist and psychologist do not ever refund any fees. If they did they would owe every penny of every collection ever made from public individuals and the state.

     A survey across five countries failed utterly to find ONE person who had ever been cured of anything by psychiatrists and psychologists. The survey found thousands who had been permanently disabled or killed. And in at least one mental prison, the admission total and the death total were found to be equal. So nobody there ever lived long enough to reclaim his fee.

     So we have the interesting question of who are the “quacks”?

     To offer the politician the promise of controlling the whole population is a promise of cure.

     The politician appropriates hundreds of millions for institutions and community psychiatry.

     Promptly, universities revolt, agitators flourish, crime shoots into statistics not even policemen can graph, insanity soars.

Quackery And Fakery continued...

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