The Bland Personality - 15 June 1969

“The ‘social engineer’ bent on producing a totalitarian utopia, is anxiously trying to redesign ‘acceptable personality’ into a submissive, emotionless state.”

he “social engineer” bent on producing a totalitarian utopia, is anxiously trying to redesign “acceptable personality” into a submissive, emotionless state.

     People who become annoyed, angry, excited, exhilarated are alike in his bad books.

     Yet it is a fact that the primary complaint of psychotics in institutions is that they can’t “feel” anything anymore. They can no longer be happy or sad, or “feel” in response to life. They are just numb.

     The psychiatrist and psychologist pronounce as abnormal any departure from a single monotonous “good dog” mental state. They have resounding Latin curse words for any personality reaction or behavioral difference in men. All these states are “crazy.” We look in vain for any approval of anyone being happy. Instead we find the curse word “euphoric” which means “psychotically cheerful.”

     Restaurant food today is mostly “bland,” which is to say “inoffensively tasteless.” One looks in vain on Hilton menus for peppery dishes or strong flavors. Since an occasional patron complains of strong flavors EVERYONE must be subjected to tasteless dishes.

     So it is with the totalitarian social “expert.” Employed by the state, hopeful even of running the state, he conceives his job as a sort of dog boy who punishes anything but the unnoticeable personality. “Good” dogs are easy to keep in line. So therefore all dogs who show any signs of becoming happy or leaping about or not feeling up to it today are promptly stigmatized as having “psychotic” tendencies. This gets the dog boy off the hook in case anything goes wrong. As this particular dog boy doesn’t like dogs anyway, it saves him a lot of work if he only has dogs with negative personalities.

     The question of who is going to remain sufficiently alive and interested to run anything has never entered the head of the social tyrant.

     And the other question of who is going to remain interested enough in life to want to live it poses a very high future suicide rate.

     The bland personality—no joys, no sorrows, submissive, obedient and dull—is the obvious target of the government’s social experts.

     Behold tomorrow’s man—being never interested in anything.

     He probably won’t even talk—bark is more like it.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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