The “very best people” and the most corruptible politicians are engineered into compliance and voilà! As Comte would say, we have our totally controlled society where Liberty, Fraternity and Equality are the nastiest words one can utter.

     These hair-brained visionaries are listened to by feebleminded politicians and by snobs who actively detest “the mob.” It seems so convincing—a system by which one can CONTROL the entire population* by the natural laws these “experts” pretend to know (but which are too learned to possibly be communicated).

     It is a strange dream wherein everybody likes strawberries, everybody is tame, all is calm. And the very best people sit on a knoll and play a shepherd’s pipe while the sheep quietly graze.

     However, it doesn’t work out that way. Mainly because the exponents of the total social state know nothing of the mind, people or government. Any policeman knows more about crime than the most learned “criminal psychiatrist.” Any hospital nurse knows more about the society than the best trained “sociologist” in the world.

     What happens when D-day arrives is a bit more unpleasant. The “very best people” are slaughtered, very painfully. The population, decimated, begins to starve. A violent and cruel secret police has to be active everywhere to continually prevent counter-revolution. A gruesome constant reign of terror crushes the population for decades.

     It has never occurred to any of these totalitarians that the whole detestation of mankind becomes focused upon them in these totalitarian monstrosities. And when they blow up, they spatter their organizers in fragments.

     This half-witted dream to control society for its own sake has so far slaughtered more than a hundred million human beings in this century alone.

     I would say that the control philosophies called psychiatry, psychology and sociology were a failure. Probably the biggest human failure of the last two centuries.

     Isn’t it time we got rid of them?

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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