In rat mazes, some rats insist upon entering the shock route to get at the cheese and few ever use the non-shock door. They get mad about it.

     Pity the poor psychiatrist and psychologist. They promised the politicians to cure all social ills. They promised to set up a total utopia for only a few billion quid.

     All they set up was revolt!

     It has not dawned on them that they will be “for it” shortly. They cannot deliver.

     The first generation they raised in American schools using Pavlovian techniques and bloated promises has revolted en masse, is deserting the US armed forces in droves and is destroying the whole US school system.

     God help a technician who can only promote and can never deliver.

     Pity the poor psychiatrist and psychologist.

     The most horrible thing that could happen to them has happened.

     Somebody came along and developed a real mental technology that works.

     For nineteen years psychiatrists and psychologists have fought to destroy Dianetics and Scientology.

     Even in this they failed.

     There is only one reaction in common in all the psychiatric and psychological experiments and efforts at control. Whether rats or dogs or men, their victims demonstrate revulsion and rage at these charlatans.

     But pity the psychologist and psychiatrist. Unmasked for what they are, they are dying.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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