Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany and other countries have already bowed and use them absolutely to control whole populations.

     They have earned the “right” to be above the law utterly and to seize, torture or murder whomever they wish. They operate totally beyond human law and defy utterly every progress ever made in human freedom.

     The psychiatric revolution is not only planned. It is well on the way to actual accomplishment.

     These outlaws have only made two serious mistakes.

     1. They are running directly counter to the desires, mores and customs of the huge majority of world populations.

     2. They attacked Dianetics and Scientology without provocation or reason and demonstrated fully that they oppose any real mental technology that would help.

     Only madmen seek to rule the world. Only completely insane degenerates would try to rule a world wholly opposed to their activities.

     But madness encourages rather than discourages mad ambitions.

     One of these days even their political puppets will wake up and realize that murderers are murderers. If they don’t alert in time they too will accompany the political psychiatrist and psychologist up the fateful 13 steps.

     You can fool some of the people some of the time, the old saw goes. But it will be found impossible to oppress and tyrannize all the planet without fantastic and painful retribution.

     They’ll never make it. For one can’t make a police state if one is wholly detested by the police and security branches.

     The criminal and outlaw is an arrogant fellow. He goes right on being arrogant until the end.

     The psychiatrist and psychologist have been so arrogant that they have openly stated in writing many times what they fully intend to do. It seems incredible. That is its only protection.

     Due to the public spirited efforts of Scientologists you will see an end of this within your time.

LRH's Signature

     L. Ron Hubbard

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