The Planned Revolution - 12 June 1969

“Since 1938 the psychiatrists and psychologists have advanced a long way toward their goal of power seizure.
“They employ terrorism, corruption and blackmail to cow political henchmen.”

hat the psychiatrist and psychologist knowingly intend to supplant the politician and present rulers of state through their “National” Mental “Health” organizations is not an idle statement.

     The ambition is plain in their literature.

     As early as 1938 Harold D. Lasswell, a psychiatric spokesman wrote in Psychiatry an article entitled “What Psychiatrists and Political Scientists Can Learn from One Another.”

     He stated “...The most far-reaching way to reduce disease is for the psychiatrist to cultivate closer contact with the rulers of society....

     “So the psychiatrist may decide to become rulers of the ‘king.’ Now the history of the ‘king’ and his philosophers shows that the ‘king’ is prone to stray from the path of wisdom as wisdom is understood by the king’s philosophers. Must the psychiatrist, then, unseat the ‘king’ and actualize in the realm of fact the philosopher-king of Plato’s imagination? By the grace of his psychiatry, of course, the modern philosopher who would be king knows that he may lose his philosophy on the way to the throne and arrive there empty of all that would distinguish him from the king he has overthrown. But, if sufficiently secure in his knowledge of himself and his field, he may dare where others dared and lost before.”

     Lasswell also preached “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely—except psychiatrists.”

     The psychiatric bid for total power is well progressed.

     Like the early ambitions of Hitlers and Napoleons, it is looked on as too incredible to be believed—until millions died for their ambitions.

     Since 1938 the psychiatrist and psychologist have advanced a long way toward their goal of power seizure.

     They employ terrorism, corruption and blackmail to cow political henchmen.

     They have taken over education not only in universities but even in the lesser schools and are producing a submissive, degraded generation over which to rule.

     A state financed secret police seize anyone they do not like.

     The state finances their death camps for dissenters.

     They have nearly paralyzed Christianity.

     They control total “respect” in the press through pressures on newspaper owners.

     They strike down any promise of real help or freedom for the people.

The Planned Revolution continued...

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