n suggesting psychiatry’s “Planned Revolution” is doomed to failure in the face of Scientology, LRH is alluding to the long and consistently victorious efforts of Scientologists to stem a psychiatric tide. This first dramatic step towards that end, and as noted previously, was the Scientologists that stopped the notorious Siberia Bill in 1956.

      To cite but a few of the ensuing victories: following their exposure of psychiatric abuse among South African natives, Scientologists from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) inspired a South African Health Ministry investigation of the matter. In consequence came both the prosecution of psychiatric crimes and the drafting of a landmark charter of patient’s rights. Following exposure of similarly grim psychiatric crimes in Italy, Scientologists stood at the forefront of Italian Parliamentary investigations of psychiatric abuse and the closure of 91 state institutions. Then again, Scientologists led the crusade against psychiatric abuse in Greece and New Zealand, while inspiring the banning of electroconvulsive treatment in Texas and California.

     Then, too, and in testimony of just what that phrase “psychiatric abuse” implies, came Scientology’s exposure of the Chelmsford facility in Sydney, Australia. As internationally reported, Scientologists working in CCHR uncovered the now infamous “deep-sleep” experimentation, wherein patients were rendered unconscious for weeks on end and subjected to dozens of daily shock treatments—and naturally told nothing of what they had suffered when eventually awoken from their drug-induced sleep. These discoveries ultimately resulted in a Royal Inquiry into Chelmsford abuses, the first such inquiry ever in the field of mental health.

     There is also this telling end to the Chelmsford horror: on the eve of his scheduled testimony, and to avoid criminal prosecution, the facility’s chief psychiatrist, Dr. Harry Bailey, intentionally swallowed a fatal dose of the very same drug he had fed his patients. He then took his life with a loaded gun. It seems he did have much to fear. The findings and recommendations of that Royal Inquiry gave not only monetary restitution to Chelmsford victims, but also sweeping reforms through the whole of the Australian health establishment and the passage of yet another patient’s bill of rights.

     As a final word on these matters one should also note at the time of LRH’s article it was unheard of for any psychiatrist to be held accountable for atrocities committed in the name of “treatment.” Yet today, in just the twelve months previous to this writing, and in the United States alone, Scientologists have seen to more than a thousand psychiatrists under criminal investigation or prosecution, another hundred psychiatrists convicted and serving out sentences and yet another hundred psychiatric facilities now permanently closed. Then too, in stopping this “planned revolution” Scientologists have thus far successfully secured patient’s rights with the passage of thirty bills worldwide, and it was none other than Scientologists who spearheaded the 1991 United Nations mental health “Bill of Rights,” unanimously issued for the protection of patients everywhere.

The Planned Revolution

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