Someday the police will have to take the psychiatrist in hand. That is the main reason the psychiatrist fights Scientology with such terror. The psychiatrist is being found out.

     But that any official would defend psychiatry or fight its enemies for it is stupidity. Such an official has too little knowledge to live. Here is why:

     Two mental patients attacked Dr. Verwoerd, late prime minister of South Africa.

     He was no more than well recovered from the first assassination attempt by a mental patient than he was successfully attacked and killed by another.

     Nearly every major political assassination found psychiatrists quickly on the job getting the person off or out of sight.

     The famous defection of [Guy] Burgess and [Donald] Maclean came shortly after a psychiatric treatment.

     It just isn’t politically safe to let electric shock, brutality and surgery be used on mental patients.

     Let us grant that the humanitarian angle, the destruction of human beings, rape, kidnapping and violations of human rights, do not interest some officials.

     The political threat of the psychiatric technique of pain-drug-hypnosis cannot be overlooked.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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