In the Nazi death camps Jewish inmates even killed other Jews on the mere suggestion of it, such was the degree of fixation on the Nazi terror symbol.

     When to this one adds drugs to open the subconscious and deepen the impact of commands, greater and more lasting effects occur. Commands given to a person in this state, even when unreasonable or against his interests or safety can be made effective.

     When, to drugs, one then adds pain of high intensity and accompanies it with commands a person afterwards will continue to follow the order. This is true even when the order will bring death.

     To restate this—a person under the usual hypnotic influence will not execute orders contrary to his moral code. A person under drug-hypnosis will afterwards obey orders even contrary to his interests. Under pain and drugs a person will accept orders which even bring about his death and afterwards execute them.

     It is a matter of the amount of effect upon him physically. He identifies the pain with the strength of the order. The drugs lessen his will to resist.

     Psychiatrists use pain-drug-hypnosis as an ordinary activity in institutions. They speak to drugged people during or after 50,000 volt shocks. They often lay in a posthypnotic suggestion.

     The trouble with all this is not only its immorality. Hypnotism lessens the ability of the individual to become aware of the mental block oppressing him. The route to sanity is becoming aware of the root of the trouble. Even if ordered to be sane or get well, the effect is a dazed agreeing person who under a thin layer is madder than ever. And the “treatment” wears off in under six months leaving a sick and damaged being.

     This type of duress, hypnotism, has however much more deadly uses. The psychiatrist is quite well aware of these.

     A person drugged and shocked can be ordered to kill and who to kill and how to do it and what to say afterwards. And, depending upon the expertise with which the “treatment” is given, the person, now depersonalized and only a robot, will do just that.

Pain- Drug- Hypnosis continued...

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