This has never ceased to astonish informed observers: that torture, injury and murder were practiced in the full knowledge of no benefit, much less cure.

     Their authority Jung, druidism and human sacrifice offer for the first time some clue as to what it is all about.

     Psychiatric front groups act frantically against any group who might discover their crimes.

     Druidism in its day was the senior body above Celtic governments and dictated their actions.

     The Profumo* scandal laid bare wild fantastic orgies by high officials.

     I wonder, if when all the evidence is in, some fantastic explanation of why some UK Labour officials back up the psychiatrist and why the psychiatrist kills, might not come to life.

     Like human sacrifice or ritual murders such as those of Britain’s recent colonies.

     This enigma of unpunished official murder is one of the biggest social puzzles of our times to say nothing of seizure violations of human rights.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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