Although certainly not alone in their protest, particularly in light of several thousand letters and telegrams, what Scientologists eventually mounted in the way of a broad public awareness campaign proved very fatal to that Siberia scheme. Indeed, as any general American history text bears out, the bill was soon quite forgotten. ...or at least by all those beyond psychiatric circles.

     Those familiar with the greater history of Scientology’s fight against psychiatric subversion will recall the names Drs. Winfred Overholser and Daniel Blain—all American Psychiatric Association heavyweights, all linked to United States military mind-control experimentation and, following the 1956 death of their cherished Siberia Bill, all bent on the destruction of what they termed the “antipsychiatric movement” and correctly spelled Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

     But there was another consequence to the death of that Bill, and it has everything to do with both the shape of the world today and the world of which LRH writes in the essays to follow.

     To explain: given psychiatry’s failure to cut a path directly through the social fabric with mental health legislation, the psychiatric steering committee took another page directly from Rees and launched their “attack upon medicine.” In very willing partnership stood an always profit-minded pharmaceutical industry with an eye to expanding product lines well beyond children’s cough drops and aspirin. And, of course, what followed from that partnership is all we now legitimately describe as a truly pandemic drug crisis.

     Yet to cite one more telling sequence relevant to what follows here from LRH, let us first bear in mind that all we remember as the psychedelic era of the late 1960s, sprang directly from psychiatric experimentation of LSD on behalf of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Then again, let us not forget when that psychedelic generation turned to methamphetamines, barbiturates and even heroin, they were likewise turning to the psychiatric medicine cabinet originally stocked in the name of mind-control. Finally, let us also consider this: among other aims of psychiatric experimentation on behalf of the United States military and Central Intelligence Agency, was the shaping of a perfect assassin—principally through conditioning under pain, drugs and hypnosis and, factually, first publicly disclosed in Ron’s Science of Survival. Thereafter, of course, the subject became a popular topic of speculation and especially so following Richard Condon’s The Manchurian Candidate. Not generally remarked upon, however, is this chilling footnote: although programs to shape that perfect assassin proved only marginally successful, subsequent experimentation among residents within San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury had everything to do with the shaping of such unimaginably brutal creatures as mass murderer Charles Manson.

     Also following from that original psychiatric equation, come the LRH discussions on psychiatric fraud to which we might add this: although comprising the smallest faction within a United States health care community, bogus psychiatric claims actually account for some 20 percent of all fraudulent health care claims—or in raw terms, as much as $40 billion annually. Then again, there is all a United States Congressional committee cited as wasted funds and extravagance regarding National Institute of Mental Health studies: the unisex behavior of the whiptail lizard at a cost to the American taxpayer of $1.4 million; the hormonal mechanism of salt-depleted rats at a cost of $5 million in national revenues; the electronic monitoring of pigeon jaws at a cost of $545,000 and a five-year examination of red-winged blackbird mating habits at an equally obscene $539,000. While if only to underscore the absurdity, one feels compelled to additionally mention Canadian psychiatric studies of “Rabbit Psychosis” and “Rats and Mice in a Swimming Pool—Some Surprising Differences.”

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