“Inflation is the order of the day. Few Western governments take any but inflationary actions—to wit, to devaluate the buying power of money by spending more money than there is produce to absorb it.”

     Citizens of that nation are traditionally determined to never, never, never be slaves. But here come the chains; one link for every penny rise in the cost of bread. When a worker has to spend one hundred pounds a week to keep himself and family, the government will take fifty pounds of that, leaving him on half rations. And when he would have to spend 250 pounds a week to provide food, clothing and shelter, he will get only about 25% of that, even if he is paid that, due to income tax sliding scale, and he will starve to death.

     To be charitable, it is possible that the leaders of these countries do not know these things and are being badly advised or are confused. But if so, what vicious blokes must be doing the advising!

     A very proper course for the country would be to abandon the empire no citizen of that country cares about any more, cutting off all its support and defense funds for lands that hate the British anyway. Then, or at the same time, engage upon a furious research program to discover how to produce food enough for its people, let down all its trade barriers, cancel the projects that make income tax vital and prosper beyond all imaginings.

     One can’t tax nothing; and if taxes depress the producer to zero then so goes the land.

     The bright-eyed visionary (with some insanity showing through the brightness) raves about utopia and the beautiful dreams and beautiful schemes of various political solutions.

     These are supposed to open the bright new future if only we grit our teeth and starve today.

     There is no political philosophy that ever can or ever will solve economic problems, for they are two different fields, aren’t they?

     When Marx married them, he gave a terrible tool to suppressive men.

     Many Marxist complaints are just, many are quite factual, but he erred in trying to solve them.

     For whenever he proposed a solution and whatever solution he proposed, he offered as part of it, a government.

     Governments are not always run by sane men.

     The man in the street has no guarantee that his ruler is not really “bonkers.”

     If we as Scientologists have anything to do with government, it would only be to guarantee that the rulers were not suppressive and insane. And there our interest ceases.


     The relationship of any man to economics is a simple one:

     “HOW CAN I LIVE?”

     To that adheres the question, how can his dependents and his community live?

     Whenever a person asks this question or any version thereof in this, the complex society of today, he is asking, “What is economics?”

     In this article, short as it is, all the vital factors of economics are listed.

     What needs to be guaranteed is that one’s economic destiny is not managed by men who hate and who will not be comfortable until all other men are slaves.

     The long-term solution to the question “How can I live?” is: Never work for a suppressive firm and do not support a suppressive government. And work to put us in a position to guarantee that leaders are sane.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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