Marx has succeeded to date (though himself dead and buried in England) in extending his philosophy over perhaps two-thirds of the world’s population and upsetting the remainder most thoroughly.

     Capitalism, under attack, surviving only in the West in a faint form, has borrowed so heavily from Marx in its modern “socialism” that it cannot long survive.

     Capitalism had little to recommend it to the worker. He had no hope of ever getting enough cash together to loan it at interest and so retire. By definition that was all capitalism was—a system of living on interest by loaning money to more industrious people. As it is “all take and no active participation” it, of course, is a rather easily destroyed system. It had no vitality. It could only foreclose mortgages and seize property. It could not and did not operate cleverly. The trick was and is, to loan an industrious person half of what he needed to make a go of his business and then when he failed, to take over the business and the invested money loaned as well.

     Government and chain banks in the West are still at it today. They are assisted by income tax. The profits of a business are taxed each year so that it has no money to renew its machinery or expand. To keep going it has to borrow money from the chain bank or the State. One slip and it is taken over entirely by the chain bank or State, mismanaged and knocked about.

     Thus the world gets poorer under capitalism.

     Communism in revolt, throws out all middlemen, simply takes the final step of capitalism and seizes everything in the country. It fights capitalism by becoming the supercapitalist.

     It is not an idle comment that George Washington in the American Revolution, the Marquis de Lafayette in the French Revolution and Fidel Castro in the last Cuban revolution were each the richest man in the country at the time.

     Communism, far different from the hope of Marx, is the tool of the rich and powerful to seize everything in sight, and pay no wages. It is the final answer to capitalism, not its opponent.

     Socialisms in different costumes all tend to the same end product—total ownership by the State. And so is also the end product of capitalism: total ownership.

     So we can conclude about economics that:

     1. There may be a subject called economics and

     2. There is certainly a large use of economic confusion in the effort to bring about total ownership.

     What you are observing, apparently, in our modern world, is an obscuring of actual economics to the somewhat ignoble end of taking everything away from everyone but the State. The State can then be a chosen few who own all. Capitalism, communism and socialism all wind up with man in the same situation—owned body and soul by the State.

     So if you are confused by “economic statements” by a few chosen mouthpieces of the intended few who will be the State, realize it is not the subject itself but the intentional misuse of the subject which is causing the trouble.

     Since all roads—capitalism, socialism, communism—all lead to the same total ownership, none of them is in actual fact in conflict. Only those several groups who each want to own everything are in conflict—and none of them is worthy of support.

Economics continued...

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