During the riots of the 60s, the Justice Department could be counted on to discourage or charge local police who sought to handle.

     This finally built up to labeling as “dissident” any organization or church that sought to stem the avalanche of disaster engulfing the country.

     Manufacturing dossiers for public leaders who had none but whom the Justice Department did not like, they set organizations against organizations and promoted chaos wherever possible. Their list of thousands of men and groups they secretly attacked reads like Who’s Who—and indeed is becoming a sort of honor roll.

     The Justice Department had now become a carbon copy of a Nazi secret police force.

     It was found that it forwarded false dossiers on Americans abroad to get them in trouble.

     Its channel was Interpol, the Nazi group, that J. Edgar has joined despite objections of Congress.

     Ah, well, now it all begins to make some sense.

     Anger at an agent who would dare clean up German spies, permitting Pearl Harbor, protecting German psychiatrists, subjecting the country and its better-known opinion leaders to a reign of terror, even the assassination of a far too liberal president all bear the stamp of just one thing: a secret love of fascism and a knowing or unknowing patterning of its actions on fascist lines has led the Justice Department not only to protect Hoover but to perpetuate him.

     Probably Justice Department clerks, lawyers and even “G-men” do not consciously realize where they have been led.

     A department that favors such sentiments and tactics will always breed crime and lawlessness.

     Fascism and secret police do not belong in the American scene.

     It is quite wonderful to see those people mouthing concern about crime and revolt.

     They are breeding, starting and fostering it with their raw naked vengefulness against the American people.

     The country, one cannot help but see, would get along just fine without any Department of “Justice.”

     The appropriations it obtains by exhibiting the crime it does not handle and the unrest and spirit of revolt it generates should be cut off totally before it takes over all the police forces in the country and we have a fascism complete, total and in earnest.

     But anyway, one mystery is solved.

     All his years, Mr. Hoover hunted relentlessly for “Public Enemy No. 1.” As crime soared higher and higher during his reign the search apparently was in vain.

     But what do you know? Now after all the archives have been opened at last we know who was Public Enemy No. 1. It was J. Edgar Hoover!

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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