As a naval officer I had only a couple of contacts with them. One had to do with another officer losing a $7.50 telephone, resulting in the ripping apart of a whole ship. (They didn’t find it.) The other involved the discovery of a sodium bomb in a box of torpedo detonators. A sodium bomb soaks up water from the air and explodes when the ship is at sea. I asked that the cargo be unloaded and was refused. They said it really wasn’t a sodium bomb. But when I offered to throw it in the water you never saw G-men scatter so fast.

     In 1950 it was pretty obvious that American churches were being infiltrated, a fact later confirmed by a Congressional committee.

     I dropped in to J. Edgar’s office and soon was talking to the head of anticommunist operations. And was told sorrowfully, “There is nothing you can do about communists.”

     This, coming from the counterintelligence agency of the US was quite interesting, especially since J. Edgar reported in 1919 how very dangerous it was to America.

     Such things made me interested in the Justice Department and their star J. Edgar Hoover.

     Now that time has passed and archives are beginning to leak data hitherto under heavy wraps, other people are exposing this department.

     But in the main, the departmental crimes they are showing up, while serious enough, are not summarizing the depths of infamy to which this department has sunk.

     Crime rates have climbed and climbed and soared and America has not prospered.

     But under all this real crimes have been done.

     In the 1930s John L. Lewis was the head of the powerful labor union CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) as well as the United Mine Workers. Such was his power that he almost defeated Roosevelt in his final term as president. Lewis shut off coal in the US and forced conversion of even railroads to oil (in which Lewis had a heavy personal interest). The coal upset was a heavy blow to industry and transport soon to enter World War II.

     The Justice Department looked on benignly while all this was going on. Yet it was recently revealed that John L. Lewis was number C180/L of the German Intelligence Service—the Abwehr.

The Justice Department Versus Americans continued...

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