Justice - 1 May 1969

“When justice becomes slow, when it becomes expensive and when false reports on people and groups are allowed to go unchallenged and unpunished, any ideology becomes a tyranny.”

he major breakdown of Western democracy is its habit of carelessly basing legal actions on false reports.

     Anyone can say anything about anybody and police powers and courts are liable to act on reports so false that a child could see through the lie.

     This was the most odious thing about the NAZIS. And this characterizes communist “justice.”

     In February 1969,* I isolated the false accusation, false report and failing to confront the accused with his accusers as the basic breakdown of justice. These undermine personal security and involve the whole judiciary in endless, needless traffic.

     Innocent people are subjected to press attacks, court procedures, endless expense and ruined lives by these factors alone.

     Corrupt pressure groups such as the psychiatrists can disrupt any possible rival or tear the social structure of a nation to pieces as long as false reports are published, accepted and acted upon.

     So flagrant is this abuse that it destroys for one and all the value of the cause of democracy.

     When justice becomes slow, when it becomes expensive and when false reports on people and groups are allowed to go unchallenged and unpunished, any ideology becomes a tyranny.

     So great are these factors in the disruption of loyalty and creation of revolutionaries that no government that permits them is safe.

     This is, in fact, a new philosophic breakthrough in the field of jurisprudence. The great importance of the false report in breaking down a nation’s social structure and its cause has not been understood.

     Most of the internal conflict in a country is caused by individuals and groups defending themselves against false reports.

     In a period where governments “seek to capture the minds of men” a great deal of reform will have to be done.

     Human rights have as one of their threats the false report. Yet there is no adequate practical recourse. Suits for libel? Forget them. They cost more than anyone can afford, take forever to try and leave the public with the false reports even when they are won.

     As false reports tear down the security of the individual and small group, these then have to assert themselves. They do so in their turn by attacking.

     A nation which permits these to be acted upon will eventually find itself deserted by its populace and supporting groups, attacked by its decent people and eventually will be overthrown.

Justice continued...

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