n dramatic testimony to what LRH addresses in his 1969 “Riots,” readers might well consider the 1992 eruption of Los Angeles and neighboring communities following the acquittal of law enforcement officers involved in the video-taped beating of Black motorist, Rodney King. The point: having isolated the real why behind civil rights, LRH had isolated the cause of all riots—no matter the time, place or circumstances. Had Los Angeles understood Ron’s 1969 “Riots,” prior to the Rodney King affair, Los Angeles would have known precisely what to expect. As if to prove the point, when copies of “Riots” were broadly distributed among stricken Los Angeles residents, more than a few assumed the article had specifically been written in reference to the Rodney King affair itself. In that regard, and yet again, LRH was not merely commenting on disturbing events; he was getting to their root cause.


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