Protect people and groups from fallacious and vexatious attacks.

     Eradicate all “special privilege” categories wherein officials and others cannot be sued or disciplined for abuse of power.

     Eradicate and make actionable any and all forms of police brutality.

     Remove from the statute all laws calculated to “get” somebody for crimes or misdemeanors other than those of which he is suspected.

     Pass legislation preventing bills of attainder in which groups or persons who have committed no offense can be injured.

     Adhere to the principle of law that a person is innocent until he is proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.


     It is lack of ready, speedy, inexpensive justice that creates crime.

     Justice is only taken into a person’s own hands when it is nowhere else available.

     The man branded by record as a criminal usually has only crime left by which to live.


     This is no planned airy-fairy “Utopia.” It is just the actual application of those principles which once existed, are often written down but are seldom applied.

     And I have seldom seen a lawyer who did not know he could solve the problem on his own if just left to it.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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