On Justice & Jurisprudence

n addressing the state of Western justice as of 1969, L. Ron Hubbard is yet again moving onto highly significant historical ground. For example, then United States Attorney General—and thus United States Justice Department head—was none other than Watergate accomplice John N. Mitchell. Among other blatantly unjust activities conducted in the name of appointer Richard Nixon, were the secret Mitchell discussions with International Telephone and Telegraph, generally known as ITT. In brief and quite frankly: in exchange for a six-figure ITT contribution to the Nixon presidential campaign, Mitchell conveniently swept aside Justice Department blockage of an ITT corporate acquisition. Then again, there was the Mitchell tenure as Coordinator of Law Enforcement Tactics, which included the directing of riot-stick-wielding National Guardsmen to break up antiwar demonstrations, the recommending of illegal wiretaps on suspected political dissidents and much else relating to what was described as “the government’s right...to override the right of individuals’ privacy.”

     Pertinent to LRH remarks on links between psychiatry and failing justice, readers should note that psychiatric encroachment into a Western judicial system effectively began with the likes of Drs. Winfred Overholser and Zigmond Lebensohn—both longtime foes of Dianetics and Scientology and longtime proponents of a larger psychiatric presence within the governing process. That is, while Overholser lobbied for a psychiatric explanation of criminality as stemming from “irresistible impulse,” Lebensohn authored articles in praise of the “Symbiotic Relationship between Soviet Psychiatry and Soviet Law,” wherein offenders were routinely turned over to psychiatrists for treatment. That Soviet treatment frequently involved the worst forms of psychosurgery and straitjacket medication did not, of course, figure in the Lebensohn argument.

     Finally, no discussion of American justice, circa 1969, is complete without mention of that archetypal G-man, J. Edgar Hoover. As LRH suggests—and once again he writes well in advance of public disclosures and well in front of later Hoover criticism—Hoover finally proved himself among the most sinister figures in American history. In addition to thirty-odd years of political blackmail—he actually compiled incriminating dossiers on United States presidents—he regularly instructed agents to violate the laws of the land. To cite another pertinent case in point, and one not even discovered until the 1990s: under a Hoover program known as Cominfil (for communist infiltration), Federal Bureau of Investigation agents regularly conducted infiltration/surveillance of several hundred United States civil and religious organizations, very much including Dianetics and Scientology. In essence, the ploy played out in this fashion: first, and generally covertly, an agent would inform a targeted organization that certain unnamed members were probably communist infiltrators. When leaders of that organization then logically requested assistance in weeding out those alleged communists, the Bureau would just as logically request membership lists and a free hand for a thorough investigation. Moreover, the Bureau successfully amassed files on virtually every citizen Hoover had deemed “un-American”—which essentially meant, anyone inclined to oppose what Hoover embodied as a truly fascistic power. In this way, the Bureau gradually succeeded in destroying all targeted organizations—except, of course, Dianetics and Scientology.

     That Hoover himself is now known to have secretly inclined towards the donning of women’s clothing (nylon stockings and all) was another matter entirely.

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