The Australian state constitutions are unblushingly ignored in totality, thus omitting all parts of a constitution at once by flagrant neglect. These constitutions were pure examples of a mere public relations stunt without other meaning.

     The recent Greek constitution not only lacks its essential parts but the referendum adopting it was still fluttering on billboards when the government violated it on all counts despite its acceptance by the people. It is one of the purest examples of a public relations trick on record.

     Once a populace has accepted a constitution it has surrendered the rights to act otherwise. Therefore, intentional despotism can be attributed to a constitution which leaves essential parts unsaid or which delegate their settlement to a privileged few.

     Changes in constitutions are usually activated in the direction of further limitation of liberty and are usually attended by disaster.

     The 1905 change in the US Constitution which nullified the clause prohibiting “poll tax” opened the door to the hideous nightmare of an income tax system operating its own courts and condemning any citizen without regard to the Bill of Rights.

     The infamous Prohibition Act forbidding liquor began the trend of financed crime and accelerated the decay of a country already dying because of the poll tax change. Prohibition was eventually removed in the Constitution but not until crime was well financed.

     A constitution which omits any one of its essential four parts is an invitation to tyranny as these missing parts will be supplied by legislators and continually changed.

     A constitution which contains no clause to make violations of it actionable by the individual public on individual government members elected appointed or employed is not worth the effort to print it as it will become the focus of revolt since it fosters the public belief that its government is not its government but something else.

     A constitution is a good thing only if it gives due and sensible attention to all the above. Otherwise it is a bad thing and an invitation to a trap in which the whole population can become oppressed.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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