Unconstitutional Government - 27 June 1969

“When a public is faced with unconstitutional officials it becomes insecure. When the insecurity becomes high enough, they join any revolutionary force. When further oppression is leveled at them they revolt.
“The common answer of one of these governments is money handouts in an effort to buy support. It does not work.”

he existence of a constitution does not guarantee a people a constitutional government.

     Written or unwritten, constitutions usually set up the form of the government and guarantee the people certain rights.

     Governments usually formulate them and point to them as evidence of their liberality. Often, to gain popular support, they add to them very worthwhile bills of rights guaranteeing individual freedom, trial by jury, confrontation of one’s accusers, freedom of religion and speech and other desirable features.

     But the end product is a “con game” of wonderful scope.

     The elected and appointed members of the government and their employees are all found to be “above the law.” They are not compelled in any real way to act within the constitution or a bill of rights.

     The government’s departments and bureaus routinely act completely without regard to the constitution.

     In the US, the Supreme Court exists to reverse government unconstitutionality. But one seldom reaches it with a case unless one has tens of thousands of dollars for legal fees, and even when one wins a Supreme Court decision, the government employee or bureau whose unconstitutional actions caused the trouble in the first place goes unpunished and unscathed.

     Almost all the trouble in a country is the government through its employees acting in a thoroughly unconstitutional fashion.

     This reacts on the public as a disbelief in the actual government and a disavowal of it.

     As the government employees, elected or appointed, do not act within the framework of the constitution, the public thinks of them as frauds or conquerors and alien.

     Revolutionary groups spring up. Any foreign enemy finds adherents. Criminals are protected by the public. No one goes near the police. And the final product is at best a revolt and at worse the death of a civilization.

     The government “public servant” is supposed to act of, for and by the people in a democracy. But the public sees in him someone peculiarly exempt from law and a servant of only special interest groups.

     The aspect of a government mouthing the constitution and yet acting as a superman caste undermines patriotism by defying belief. The public reacts to this untruth with defiance. More and more force is needed to control the population and at last there is a revolt or the nation degenerates and dies.

     As the public cannot strike at the government individual who is acting in an unconstitutional manner, it strikes at the whole government. No government can afford even one tyrannous petty clerk much less unconstitutional behavior in all its departments.

     In America the people are fond of the constitutional freedoms promised by the Founding Fathers.

Unconstitutional Government continued...

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