This is the utopia now in action.

     The destruction of all liberty and civil rights, the hypocrisy that these are the best people who know best are all the ingredients of revolution.

     But all of these groups, whose control is uniform over the world and whose lines go straight to Russia, may be in for a terrible surprise.

     Since Scientology became aware of them they have lost seven of their top dozen leaders.

     Since their documents and plans were uncovered, they have been facing bankruptcy.

     Every single lie, false charge and attack on Scientology has been traced directly to this group’s members. They have sought at great expense for nineteen years to crush and eradicate any new development in the field of the mind. They are actively preventing any effectiveness in this field.

     But seven of their top men are wholly out of action.

     And their group is going bankrupt because we have shut off their appropriations.

     It was an unlucky day when they began to attack Scientology. It was not even in their line of country. It had no interest in them.

     The primary threat to freedom in the West has been fought by just one group, the Scientologists.

     If you want freedom and peace in the West, join Scientology.

     The Scientologists are the only vital new effective force in the world today.

     And Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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