Instead of going forward with the times and keeping abreast of progress they play at stop the clock.

     Anyone with a new idea is looked on with ferocity, as an animal thief.

     Therefore each new person who steps forward with improvements or suggestions is made at once into an enemy by the violence with which he is greeted.

     Thus, in a special privilege governmental scene, all the new developments are outside the closed circle. The anointed few by this rejection came more and more to stand alone.

     One day the people and those with new ideas are all on one side of the fence. The snobs are on the other side.

     All progressive people are thus forced into close association with man.

     The special privilege group sees the danger, hires guns, hoodlums, hoods, bodyguards and tries to control “their animals” with force.

     Man, not agreeing he is just a domestic animal, resents it. He turns around to the clever progressive ones on his side of the fence and says “What do we do now?”

     Well, history is too full of gory examples to make further description of what happens profitable.

     It surely happens!

     A government can always estimate how close it is to being revolted against by counting up how many bright willing men it is excluding from participation. It does not matter how the exclusion is done—aristos used pedigree, Nazis used Aryanism, psychiatrists use “degrees”—the result is the same. The bright ones are with the people, the special ones have only guns.

     And that is the real genus of revolt.

     Governments by, for and of special privilege are doomed the moment they set up the first barrier to the many. It becomes a barricade.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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