When a government puts up a gross public example of attacking decent people for no crime, as in the case of the Church of Scientology, and when it is obvious that such an attack is under the influence of a blood-soaked terror symbol like the psychiatrist, the feeling of security of thinking men receives a distinct jolt.

     Time passes. Some insurgent force whispers “that government is no good.” The average citizen may not join up. He only nods quietly to himself, a silent “We know that.”

     Time passes. Revolutionaries with a new cause rise up.

     Machine guns start up in the streets. The conscript army quietly drifts away.

     The government cries “Citizens! Rise up! Repel the invader!”

     And in turn they get a cynical if hidden smile.

     So the nation falls. The government officials are torn to pieces by the mob.

     Why? Because they let patriotism be slain by the thousands, the millions of false accusations, by deafness to any plea for human rights, by shrugging off injustices out of arrogance or contempt.

     It is not for nothing that the phrase “a just cause” was coined. No cause is worth fighting for unless it contains justice for all.


     We in the Church of Scientology are seeking to help prevent the collapse of Western civilization.

     We ourselves have been mauled and oppressed for two decades of false accusation at the hands of an enemy so blood spattered he looks more like a vampire than a man.

     Our studies have brought to light crimes and injustices against the populations of Western nations sufficient to condemn many “best people” if they were ever tried in a court under the Nuremberg Code.

     We are not weak. We are not powerless. We number millions. But our main strength is that we are decent people with the highest respect for law and order.

     When we are lied about and banned and we see the governments who attack us letting our accusers, who are condoned in the most heinous crimes, go free, then we know how late it is.

     We have straightened up our own house with regard to fair justice.

     We are not thinking about ourselves. We are oppressed but vital.

     To us these are only symptoms of a society that, unless reformed, will die.

     We are putting our shoulder to the wheel to make it see the light, to make it reform its processes of justice on a fair and equitable basis so that once more the men of the West can say they fight in a just cause.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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