Patriotism - 1 March 1969

“Even in the little matter of a parking ticket he is at risk. It is put under the windshield wiper, not properly served. It blows away. He never sees it. He is brought to court, fined for something he knew nothing about.”

or an officer who worked hard and dangerously with all the rest of the Allies and even gave his health to rid the world of Nazi violations of human rights, it is a little hard to understand when his own government and their allies after the war not only turned a blind eye on a new outcrop of Nazi violations in their own countries but actively financed to the extent of billions and began to take the orders of those whose practices differ from Nazi only in the absence of a swastika.

     To see a health minister like Robinson* write in his own book that unlawful and easy seizures of anyone must become the order of the day, to know he is really the vice-president of a private psychiatric group, to know his financial irregularities on behalf of his group, and yet to see a government obey him implicitly is a matter sufficient to make me a bit cynical to say the least.

     For more than twenty years I have watched governments in the West make it easier and easier to seize people without warrant or process of law. I’ve seen “insanity” redefined as someone who disagrees with the social autonomy. I’ve seen with my own eyes men and women being tortured and killed in “institutions.” I’ve listened to psychiatrists detail their inhuman experiments and brag about their sex orgies with patients and sterilization of those with whom they wanted “sport.”

     In all this time I’ve not seen ONE person helped or cured by them.

     But I’ve seen plenty of their patients who were ruined.

     I don’t think the average citizen could watch one of their shock “treatments” without throwing up.

     In one area, four out of nine people we see have been brutally injured by psychiatrists.

     My mail every day has several letters in it from their patients, pleading for help and relief from their agony.

     So with all this evidence around, how can one still believe any Western government is ignorant of the true state of things?

     So a lot of us went out and fought and bled and died to make the world safe from Nazi extermination camps. And we turn around and find our own governments not only run them and finance them, but also that any honest effort to help, to find better answers, is mauled and shot at and refused.

      All during World War II I found apathy and shrugs on every side of me, not only in our own but also allied forces. These officers and men were not fighting for anything. Most fought under protest. In the firing line 50 percent of them never discharged their weapons.

     I didn’t understand it then. I do now.

     These men had no real cause to fight for. They were willing to destroy the inhuman Nazi. But somehow they knew with certain cynicism that their own masters had more than enough shortcomings to cancel out any advantage to be won for the world.

Patriotism continued...

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