ursuant to all LRH delineates as intrinsic to a patriotic spirit, is all the Church of Scientology has come to represent as a force for honesty and human rights in government. That is, and accepting no citizen can support a secretive government, the Church of Scientology has pioneered what is, in effect, a worldwide movement for governmental accountability—most notably through efforts to broaden the scope of the US Freedom of Information Act, commensurate laws at state level and popularization of their use. Moreover, in the past two decades, Scientologists have played a decisive role in realizing Freedom of Information legislation in nations, including: France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Belgium. Just as worthy of note are Scientologists’ efforts in spearheading a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights and an annual Religious Freedom Week, both now matters of US law, and countless other similar efforts in numerous countries—all in the name of making human rights reality rather than rhetoric. Or, as a former US Justice Department official stated, “Secrecy is the mortal enemy of democracy. The more secrecy, the less democracy. Through their championing of the rights of all citizens in respect to government files, the Church of Scientology has significantly contributed to the preservation of democracy for everyone.”


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