Each one seems to have caused a violent even terrified explosion out of all proportion.

     It’s as if someone on government lines in each case was frightened that Scientology would be accepted or used.

     The psychiatric front groups control immigration services through “Health” connections. They flood health and immigration files with false accusations against any possible rival. I’ve seen the files and they contain false documents and pretended literature.

     All I can make out of it is that the psychiatric front groups are going all out to protect their billions per year handouts and no effective activity need apply.

     If the US had accepted our pilot help, they might not be losing their plane a day over Vietnam.

     If Dr. Verwoerd had accepted my warning he would not be dead.

     If the UK immigration had accepted my offer of help with students, Robinson might still be Health Minister.

     I don’t know what will happen on this star chamber “Inquiry.” But if it has any similarity to the rest, it won’t be successful to the opposition.

     That’s all I can make of this.

     Our psychiatric brethren, alert on the lines for anyone that would upset their stranglehold, are not about to let anyone who knows his business get into communication with a government. It might upset their free gift appropriations and the best laid plans of rats and men.

     But they can’t keep it up forever. Murder will out.

     It’s rather an amusing picture one gets though, of governments in a sort of cage with a psychiatrist as guard.

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     L. Ron Hubbard

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