On Writting to Governments - 3 March 1969

“It’s rather an amusing picture one gets though, of governments in a sort of cage with a psychiatrist as guard.”

overnments these days act very strangely when one writes to them.

     In late 1962 I wrote the US President after a year had been spent working with flight surgeons in an aircraft squadron which, due to Scientology, went the whole period without a single accident, to state that we could help pilots. The letter was polite and offering help to the government.

     Shortly thereafter, longshoremen, posing as marshals, armed with a false warrant, made a drawn-gun raid on our Washington Church and seized prayer books and instruments.

     In 1966 I wrote Dr. Verwoerd the South African Prime Minister a letter that I had information that a dangerous situation might exist in his vicinity. He wrote back thanking me.

     I was suddenly made persona non grata in southern Africa.

     Shortly afterwards Dr. Verwoerd was assassinated by a psychiatric patient.

     In 1967, about July, I wrote Home Office Immigration offering to help them with any student immigration problem as I had found that some of the people they said were Scientologists weren’t. And that perhaps I could get the UK Church directors to cooperate. A very polite letter.

     The Home Office promptly told the papers my UK visa was cancelled and even informed me some three weeks later. They barred out all students, even Commonwealth citizens and barred my daughter who is a British subject.

     In December 1968 UK Parliament said there would be no Scientology Inquiry.

     As I had been barred out only on the word of now fired Kenneth Robinson, the psychiatric front man, in January 1969, I courteously wrote the Home Office that as the government had not produced any evidence against me, could I please have my unlimited landing card back.

     The new Health Minister promptly appointed an “Inquiry into Scientology” and the Home Office rejected my request.

     Those are the only four letters I’ve written governments. They were all pleasant, courteous, routine.

On Writing To Governments Continued...

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