otwithstanding the consequences of “writing to governments,” readers should bear in mind the following: In referencing the “drawn-gun raid,” LRH is alluding to a 1963 United States Food and Drug Administration seizure of E-Meters and literature from the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC. What ensued stands as among the most contentious legal confrontations between the United States Government and any religious organization. Ultimately, however, the Church not only emerged with sweeping recognition of religious bona fides, but the court ordered the return of all seized materials. Parenthetically, however, one might note the last of those seized materials were not actually returned for another ten years, or until the early 1980s. Moreover, and although no explanation was ever provided for that ten-year delay, there is much to suggest those E-Meters were not simply stored in a government warehouse, but were actually instruments of intense and fascinating federal study.

     In referencing a 1969 British Parliamentary Inquiry of Scientology, LRH is alluding to an eventual ban of all persons seeking to enter the United Kingdom for the study of Scientology. Again, however, and following from extended Church efforts over a decade, that ban was eventually declared wholly discriminatory in 1980, and lifted by the Secretary of State for the Home Office. Finally, regarding Ron’s dismissal from South Africa as a threat to apartheid, let us not forget apartheid is no more and South Africa now enjoys precisely what Ron had worked for as regards one man, one vote.

     Yet if there is a greater lesson to be learned from the outcome of events, it is this: that ill-fated raid on the Church, the ill-fated banning of Scientology students in Great Britain and attempts to suppress LRH efforts toward freedom in South Africa—all of it finally and simply proves what LRH declared from the start: “The old must give way to the new, falsehood must become exposed by truth, and truth, though fought, always in the end prevails.”

On Writing To Governments

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