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hile advocating no particular political system beyond a system for and by the people, L. Ron Hubbards nonetheless had much to say on the governing of nations. His concern with the matter is simple enough to explain in light of what we find within the very Creed of the Church of Scientology: “We of the Church believe that all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights,” and “that all
men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” Then again, as we have said, any “fruitful source of suppression,” becomes a “legitimate field for comment.” But in considering the LRH essays as regards governmental form, governmental redress and governmental tyranny, we are considering a far more extensive LRH commitment to individual liberty. As the classic case in point, he references his warning to former South African Prime Minister Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, and his subsequent banishment from the nation. In fact, psychiatric interests in both South Africa and Rhodesia had declared L. Ron Hubbard persona non grata for proposing constitutions calling for the end of apartheid and the adoption of universal suffrage.

     As regards the state of governments in the era in which he wrote, let us add a few more words of explanation. In discussing the psychiatric front within United States federal corridors, he is touching upon that secret Cold War partnership between an American military and psychiatrists of ad hoc psychological warfare departments—principally a Psychological Strategy Board charged with input on nuclear counter-strike policies and what was described as the psychological components of a thermonuclear bluff. Also on the agenda were psychiatric recommendations for the policing of frightened populations and the actual instilling of fear—as in the calculated propagandizing of Soviet missile-strike capabilities to help engender support for annual military expenditures of some fifty billion dollars.

     In discussing an American Government at odds with both the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, LRH is touching upon the exceedingly dark term of then President Richard M. Nixon. Among other fully unconstitutional schemes hatched in the Nixon White House—and one that is particularly relevant here—was the compilation of an infamous “Nixon Enemies List,” including, incidentally, LRH and the Church of Scientology. Those appearing on the list, and thus those opposed to the Nixon brand of totalitarian government, were subjected to intense federal harassment from the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and co-conspiratorial Internal Revenue Service agents. In the main, that harassment took the form of unrelenting investigation and continual tax audits. For an idea of just how effective were these methods one should consider this: of the 213 names on the Nixon list, 211 were left bankrupt, collapsed, disbanded and otherwise dead. Indeed, of the names of individuals and organizations on that infamous enemies list, only two survived and still exist today: L. Ron Hubbards and the Church of Scientology.

     That LRH wrote of those matters as early as 1969, or a full four years before the world would learn of the real “Tricky Dick,” is also highly significant. For if nothing else, Nixon stands as among the most vindictive figures in American history, and one did not criticize the man without real conviction and courage.

     Finally, in discussing popular revolt through these years, LRH is touching upon such matters as the 1968 Democratic National Convention where some twelve thousand dissidents—primarily students in protest of American involvement in Vietnam—descended upon Chicago for a bloody confrontation with local police, while another eighty million Americans viewed it all on television.

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