And at some time during its course, strong voices begin to be heard in protest and in exposure.

     But the power elite listens only to the dead words of approved writers safely and anciently dead, from whom excuses and “reasons” can be culled to make the system’s actions seem right.

     “George Washington said...” “Our Founding Fathers...” “According to Hegel...” “Pavlov stated...” “Disraeli...” “Alexander Hamilton declared...” “...the old safe ways...”

     “These modern agitators...” “Half-wits...” “Enemy agents...” “...was jailed you know...” “Can’t have it...” “Thinking citizens know that this is all inspired by paid...” “Jail is the only...” “Call out the riot squad...” “...the Army will...” “Get them some other way.” “Surely there is some law...” “The recent findings of the Secret Police...” “...hereafter Army deserters will be hanged...” “Perhaps a new war abroad would...” “This is Dr. Kutzbrain, gentlemen. I want him to tell you of his new method of dealing with overactive mentalities...”

     And, having refused to listen to the voices of today, labeling every suggestion or question or challenge or idea for change as “subversive” “misguided” “harebrained” “enemy inspired,” we eventually hear the requiem of the old boys.

     “At least we can die like gentlemen...”

     And the wheel has turned its long long revolution and new faces are seen on the political signboards and new words are heard in the official bulletins of the day.


     If a System could hear, if there were somebody to talk to, if it cared, if the men in charge did not become so devoted to their own interests to the callous exclusion of the sufferings of all others, one might achieve political evolution to saner plateaus rather than revolution.


     Today we are well progressed on the cycle. The Establishment pays little heed to the times, is blind to the consequences of error, is heedless in its blindness and the men in charge, at least to the great masses of the public, look more like the madmen in charge than leaders of the public destiny.

     But there is still time. If those with influence and authority would listen, something could be done before it is too late.

     For there are voices in the land, voices of wisdom, voices indicating a way to go that leads elsewhere than to the long long common grave where old regimes are buried, usually without the dignity of any tombstone other than a blot in the next generation’s history book.


      L. Ron Hubbard

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