etween the mid-1960s and early 1980s, and following from a greater geopolitical study of what most plagues this world, L. Ron Hubbards authored an extraordinary series of essays on “cultural inadequacies” of the late twentieth century. Primarily intended for Freedom magazine—where the bulk of these works, in fact, appeared—virtually every aspect of our social, political and economic existence was addressed: forms of government, questions of individual liberty, the structure of monetary systems and the preservation of human rights. That the Founder of Scientology would provide us these essays—and quite in addition to all else he provided for the advancement of Scientology through these years—is fully consistent with his view of the church as a traditional force of freedom and decency. Thus, as he tells us, if there is a “fruitful source of suppression, then it is a legitimate field for comment.” That these essays further provide us an utterly incisive grasp of just what went awry in this twentieth century is likewise consistent of the larger LRH vision. For in the final analysis, as he tells us, “Understanding is the universal solvent. It washes away everything.”

     But what has not been publicly known, or at least until now, is the fact these essays were only part of a larger project. Specifically, LRH was at work, from the late 1960s right through the 1980s, on a book he entitled The Cause and Prevention of Revolution. Thus, what these articles actually represent are but a byproduct of a greater body of research to a much larger work-in-progress. In that regard, these essays represent, not a comment on society’s ills, but LRH discoveries on what actually lies at the root of those ills.

     In what then constitutes a very special issue of the Ron Series, we present a selection of LRH essays on all he deemed culturally inadequate: tyranny of government, oppressive economics, inadequate justice and the pervasive terror of psychiatry. Those familiar with other issues of Ron will recognize the form, for here is yet another view of the man not generally seen—or more accurately, herein lies an LRH perspective so vast no other publication can reasonably convey it. Those particularly familiar with the issues of the Ron Series focusing upon LRH’s humanitarian contributions, will especially appreciate the point of this publication; for here is the worldview from which he provided his means for the rehabilitation of a drugged society, his answer to moral decay and criminality and his tools for literacy and learning. In that regard, here is not merely another condemnation of repression and inequity. Rather, here is the perspective from which this century’s most relevant humanitarian examined a deeply troubled world, and here is what he had to offer in the way of genuine answers.

     As an additional word on that perspective, let us understand that although much within these pages reflects the era in which he wrote—a United States at war in Vietnam, a Soviet Union still bent on world conquest, a Europe in the throes of student revolt—his gaze is fully exterior and transcendent. That is, and very bluntly, here are the roots of popular unrest, monetary want, judicial inequity, political chaos and social decay. Moreover, those roots are not only still intact but, as we shall see, much of what he foresaw as of 1969 has indeed come to pass...or continues unfolding to this day.

An Introduction continued...

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