e are faced with a biochemical civilization, L. Ron Hubbard has declared, and however one wishes to interpret what has been presented here, he is right. Moreover, with illicit consumption among children roughly doubling since the start of the decade and the pharmaco-capitalist gearing up to market whole new generations of licit psychotropics to the parents of those children, the problem is clearly intensifying. The irony is, of course, massive and ugly; for having sold consumption—both illegal and legal—under a banner of behavioral control, we are finally very much out of control. And make no mistake, the suburban psychotropic user is no less an aspect of this crises than the inner-city crack or heroin user. Merely, what with that $10 billion in annual pharmaceutical promotion, the darker consequences of psychiatric drug consumption tend to slip from view.

     In either case, let us not permit the answers here to slip from view. Because unless we come to grips with what drugs have wrought, as Ron so emphatically states, this civilization will end. Then, too, let us not forget that when discussing what his solution finally represents, one is discussing something far closer to the heart of the problem than a war on supply, dusting with defoliants, crop replacement or stricter enforcement. Rather, as he very simply tells us, “One is offering a person his life.”


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