So, anyway, I saw that man didn’t really have a mental technology, didn’t really have a real road out.

     Off and on up to World War II, I worked on the problem and made some progress. But after the war, when I saw so many of my friends overwhelmed and beaten by life, I stepped up the speed of advance and by 1950 had developed and released Dianetics.

     Two years later research had entered the field of the human spirit, the soul, the life unit we call a thetan, and Scientology was born.

     With the additional developments of 19 years since the first release of Dianetics, the road out is definitely there, definitely established and a few hundred thousand, at a conservative estimate, have taken it and benefited from it.

     Well, you know all that. But just this year a further breakthrough occurred.

     In 1968 the percentage of cases coming into organizations who had been on drugs rose to at least 40 percent.

     The road out is the road of increased awareness. It is not a wholly painless road.

     Those who had already taken the road down had a rough time going up again.

     If they increased their awareness enough they would arrive at a high level where they were at cause and in which they could not only cope with their environment but could prosper in it, well above the reach of suffering.

     But how to get them up from the point to which they had already gone down?

     In the 1968—1969 year of research I was finally able to map an easy road which could be traveled despite drugs, despite the starting point. And of course that made it easier for everybody.

     Drugs do odd things to the mind. This makes it a bit rough to begin to go up.

Letter to the Addict by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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