Letter to the Addict by L. Ron Hubbard (Part 1/3)

[Picture] With the employment of Dianetics and Scientology principles for the rehabilitation of incarcerated addicts, comes the following LRH letter to all who might be concerned. Those familiar with Ron’s extensive work for the moral and ethical salvation of criminals will recognize the voice: firm but sincere, understanding but not didactic and, above all, honest. Those familiar with the larger story of Dianetics and Scientology will likewise recognize sentiment: here are discoveries “for the people and by the people,” as he so famously put it, and intended for use by anyone.

here are two ways to escape the raw deal that this universe sometimes hands out. One is to go to sleep or wholly unreal and forget it. The other is to attain a calm serene beingness that is proof against the knocks and arrows of misfortune. The drug or other knocks on the head didn’t change the universe any and one is still in it, still catching it, probably with an even lower resistance to it. So the first method is not a very good one.

     The second method, the ability to rise above it all has long been preached. But unfortunately there wasn’t any readily available technology to accomplish it.

     In the way-back areas of Tibet, in the lama monasteries, one was supposed to be able to find technology with which, if one practiced it for 20 years, one could rise above suffering and become a serene being.

     But tickets to Tibet didn’t grow on trees and besides, the country has been gobbled up by an overpopulated China.

     It’s one thing to hear that one should rise above it all and quite another to do it.

     In the early 1930s while in engineering school I found that man didn’t have an adequate mental technology. In the East before that I had heard of mental abilities not known in the West. But they had the liability that they took too long and were somewhat like the old story about turning lead to gold. If you went up on a hill, in the full of the moon and put a lead block on a phosphorescent tree stump and said “Abracadabra” the lead would turn to gold providing you did not think of the word: Hippopotamus!

Letter to the Addict by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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