Drug Problems L. Ron Hubbard (Part 2/3)

In at least two countries, Scientology is closely cooperating with the government in programs to handle the drug-addiction problem now becoming chronic in society.

     Drug addicts have been found to have begun drug taking because of physical suffering or hopelessness.

     In one country a Scientology pilot project has been in progress for about a year and has produced data of great value. Even without processing but by education, some 50 percent of the committed addicts have recovered and have not been recommitted.

     By eradicating in the addict the cause of the original suffering or hopelessness, the need of drugs is voluntarily dispensed with by the former addict.

     These Scientology projects are pilot in nature and were undertaken to develop the programs for larger applications. At present the number of unselected cases number only a few hundred.

     So far it has been found that the cost per case [at the time of this writing], exclusive of food and bed, is about £35 a person [$465 in 1996 US dollars] when done on a mass basis using individual practitioners. The time is between seven and ten weeks, the first six of which are spent “drying out” under medical care. The actual processing takes less than fifty hours to permanent full rehabilitation. If only the drug factor is handled, the time is under ten hours.

     A pilot project has just been begun in a state prison where the addicts will be trained to handle one another’s cases. If successful this could greatly reduce costs and facilitate the handling of very large numbers.

     The addict has been found not to want to be an addict, but is driven by pain and environmental hopelessness.

     As soon as an addict can feel healthier and more competent mentally and physically without drugs than he does on drugs, he ceases to require drugs.

     Drug addiction has been shrugged off by psychiatry as “unimportant” and the social problem of drug taking has received no attention from psychiatrists—rather the contrary since they themselves introduced and popularized LSD. And many of them are pushers.

     Government agencies have failed markedly to halt the increase in drug taking and there has been no real or widespread cure.

     The political implications of increasing addiction in a country are great. All nations under heavy attack by foreign intelligence agencies have experienced increased drug traffic and addiction.

Drug Problems by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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