Given the Drug Rundown is a wholly subjective process, and predicated upon the fact that one must ultimately discover his own answers, it may be quite impossible to appreciate the revelation here without the experience. Nevertheless, let us appreciate this much: although conventional theory holds the addict to be permanently scarred—that his need may be suppressed but never conquered, the damage of addiction never repaired—the Drug Rundown proves otherwise, and dramatically so. For the point is—and here we arrive at the central truth—drugs are first and foremost a problem of the mind and spirit and, when addressed accordingly, one witnesses miracles. Point of fact, all we have seen in the way of results from the Purification program and the Narconon program, represent but a fraction of what is possible in the way of gains from the Drug Rundown. Indeed many of those completing the rundown report increased ability and intelligence over and above predrug levels. In either case, the three LRH essays presented here provide an even larger statement on what it means to actually heal the spirit from drug abuse.

[Picture] 6 The freer one’s attention
from the past, the more able
he is to deal with life.
In short, he feels brighter,
enjoys increased perception,
increased control of himself
and surroundings, and better
interacts with others.

The Drug Rundown, therefore,
resolves unwanted feelings
both during
and prior to the
usage of drugs, alcohol or
medicine. It is a solution in
the truest sense of the word;
for the actual compulsion is
removed. A full resolution,
then, of drug use requires
these steps.

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