Admittedly, it is a bold concept, and may not immediately seem relevant to a world where twelve-year-olds swap schoolyard Ritalin for the Prozac pilfered from their mother’s medicine cabinet, and fourteen-year-olds sell themselves in parking lots for brown scag and Colombian bazooka. But the fact remains that whether one believes or does not believe, all we have thus far examined—that 40 percent reduction of industrial coolant traces from the fatty tissues of Michigan residents, that 97 percent reduction of DDT from a Florida patient, that extraordinary 84.6 percent success rate of Narconon graduates—all of it follows from, or points to, a spiritual equation. (While conversely, all usage ultimately follows from a materialist equation wherein everything we think and feel is viewed as but a consequence of chemical recombination. Thus, the implicit pharmaceutical argument: if our lives are imperfect, then let’s mess with the chemistry.) That a generally materialist medical and scientific community has so enthusiastically adopted LRH methods for what those methods offer in the way of purely physical results is incidental. Indeed, the unparalleled success of LRH drug rehabilitation methods within the secular arena is but a testament to the universality of those methods. But, if we are to fully appreciate his solution to drug use, then we must appreciate what he means by resolving the mental and spiritual factors attendant to usage and how that usage impacts upon our spiritual selves.

While the Purification program rids the body of drug residues, complete freedom from drugs and the damaging consequences requires that one address mental image pictures associated with drug use. This processing, known as the Drug Rundown, handles the mental and spiritual repercussions of usage and is delivered by highly trained practitioners in Scientology churches and missions.

[Picture] 1 One originally turns to drugs
for a
reason—some physical
suffering or hopelessness.
The problem is thus essentially

Drugs, The Mind and the Human Spirit continued...

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