The problem of drugs is always preceded by a problem of living.

To repeat the key phrase: “My interest in these somewhat brutal truths was not born only of an objective to resolve the physical ills of individuals. Rather, it was a continuation of my initial research involving the freeing of man as a spirit and handling, on this route, any barriers needing to be resolved.”

     The statement is enormously significant, and factually explains the whole thrust of LRH drug rehabilitation methods. That is, the problem of substance abuse is finally a problem of the mind and spirit, and cannot be entirely resolved unless addressed accordingly. In the simplest terms, then, all we have thus far examined, including the Purification program and various elements of the Narconon program, was originally developed to allow for the mental and spiritual solution as defined by Dianetics and Scientology. That solution, in turn, involves the bettering of man as an immortal and spiritual being, and is every bit as real as a two-hundred-dollar–a–day habit.

Drugs, the Mind and the Human Spirit continued...

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