My son and I have been talking about our sad and joyful experiences of the past two years. We will both do what we can to support the efforts of Narconon.

     When I received the brochure about Narconon four months earlier I stuck it in my desk drawer (just in case), but I really didn’t think my son was going to have serious problems again. After all, he had spent one third of that year, more than four months, in two of the best hospitals in the area. With special doctors it amounted to about $700 a day, therefore, having the very best he was certainly going to be okay. Right? Wrong! I was soon to learn that the treatment he had received was “done to him” rather than “done by him.”

     When I went through his medical records and reviewed the drugs that were administered to him I realized that his care had been volatile and inconsistent. It certainly helped me to understand why he did not want to submit himself to any other form of institutionalization. It was when he felt completely assured that no drugs of any kind, even medically approved ones, were used in the program that he finally agreed to give Narconon a try.

     I must thank you and your staff for the support that you gave us both over the telephone before he agreed to get on the plane. The continued communication of your staff to me during his treatment assured me that he was going to be okay. My visit during his stay and the assistance you gave me in presenting his treatment success impressed the court. They even inquired into your program themselves.

     As my son and I sit and discuss his plans to continue his education I wanted you to know how we appreciate the benefit of the fine program Narconon presents.

     Thanks for helping my son find his life again and giving us back our son.

     With kindest regards,


Photographs of Narconon continued...

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