Once withdrawal is accomplished, the Narconon student enrolls upon a therapeutic communication course to both improve communication skills and redirect attention to the here and now. The step is critical for what the addict himself will describe as “focus,” and, incidentally, has proven necessary for even the recreational user. As an additional note, however, we are told the singularly most destructive drugs as regards disorientation and loss of temporal awareness are psychiatric drugs, even at prescription levels. Moreover, when discussing psychiatric replacement drugs for heroin addiction—methadone, for example—or the antipsychotics now also increasingly prescribed in the treatment of substance abuse, one is effectively describing killers. Point of fact, withdrawal from a high-tolerance methadone addiction is far more rigorous than a heroin withdrawal, while extended use of antipsychotics can cause irreversible physiological damage.

     With the student now capable of real time functioning, detoxification begins with the Narconon New Life Detoxification program, as described earlier. For yet further word, however, let us briefly turn to the findings of Dr. Forest Tennant. Broadly acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on drug rehabilitation, Dr. Tennant heads the Research Center for Chronic Pain and Dependency Disorders. Within that capacity, he has conducted an extensive study of LRH methods as utilized at Narconon centers, and his conclusions are entirely pertinent: “L. Ron Hubbard was the first person who understood that there was something biochemically and nutritionally wrong with people who were drug dependent and that drugs store inside the body, and that’s where he came up with his ideas of sauna and niacin... and that’s why Narconon has—to my way of thinking—been the most successful, bar none, residential program for hard-core drug users the world has ever seen.”

Narconon continued...

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