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Exclusively utilizing LRH methods Narconon offers the world’s most successful program for withdrawal, detoxification and rehabilitation.

Quite in addition to all the Purification program offers to even the casual or medicinal user, is the full body of LRH methods employed by Narconon on behalf of the hard-core addict. Coined from the phrase “narcotics-none,” Narconon commenced in 1966, when then Arizona State Prison inmate William Benitez happened upon L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought and began the systematic application of LRH principles toward the rehabilitation of drug offenders. (The full Benitez story, incidentally, is a fascinating one. Offered an early release but a few months into his sentence, for example, Benitez actually chose to remain incarcerated lest he abandon early Narconon students.) With advice and permission from Ron himself, Benitez had soon enlisted twenty fellow inmates for his initial Narconon program, while within the space of a year, sister programs were progressing in fourteen United States prisons. Upon his release from penitentiary, Benitez went on to establish the first residential Narconon facility in 1971. Thereafter, and with continued support from LRH in particular and Scientologists in general, Narconon became what it is today: an internationally renowned secular drug rehabilitation network with some forty centers in thirteen nations, and a genuinely unparalleled reputation for successful treatment.

     Exclusively utilizing LRH methods, very much including the LRH detoxification program [see article “Purification Program” by L. Ron Hubbard], Narconon offers a program for withdrawal, detoxification and rehabilitation. As a word on withdrawal procedures, it should be mentioned that with LRH recommended nutritional supplements, and techniques to ease discomfort, Narconon drug withdrawal is generally swift and, in the main, relatively painless. It might also be mentioned that Narconon is one of the few centers to routinely accept the physically addicted user, if only for the fact that he tends to make for a protracted and difficult cure while generally lacking medical insurance—the bread and butter of most private rehabilitation.


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