Scientific And Professional Appreciation (Part 2/2)

     “Many approaches have been used to address this problem [of chemical exposures]. These methods do not, however, significantly reduce body burdens, which requires an enhanced mobilization of toxic fats into circulation, followed immediately by forced excretion. It is this sequence and the manner in which it is accomplished which make the Hubbard method so effective.”

     “When we are confronted with a Chernobyl, when we are confronted with a Bhopal, we need a method that is simple, we need a method that is economic, we need a method that can be set up and run quickly. The detoxification method that Mr. Hubbard developed is one of the few methods I’ve seen that meets those criteria.”

     “The Narconon program has several features which in my opinion justify its implementation. An important aspect is the systematic application of techniques to improve communication and interpersonal skills in drug dependent persons, including training in personal values, integrity and ethical principles. This aspect of the program uses a methodology developed by L. Ron Hubbard and is in my opinion critical in the treatment of persons afflicted with addictive disorders.”

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