niacin, the “Educated” vitamin by L. Ron Hubbard (Part 1/7)
mong other carefully researched nutritional supplements necessary for the flushing of toxic deposits is a generally misunderstood niacin from the B complex family. As Ron explains below, his examination of the vitamin was both extensive and lengthy. Indeed, well before drug abuse became a pandemic scourge, niacin had been a definite point of study as an antidote to radiation exposure. The full story of what is referenced here regarding the testing of atomic weapons on United States military personnel surely ranks among the darkest footnotes of the twentieth century. For with full knowledge of what may follow from abnormally high radiation exposure, some two thousand marines were intentionally stationed within three miles of the largest atmospheric nuclear weapon’s test ever conducted within the continental United States. The consequences, in terms of ensuing cancer clusters and related illness, were devastating—and all the more so when factoring in leukemia rates among downwind populations. As also referenced here, however, niacin proved itself an extraordinarily effective catalyst for the discharging of radiation, and continues to prove so in the wake of spillage from nuclear reactors.

     The cases are startling and often miraculous, with the discharge of radiation burns in the precise pattern originally received earlier. For example, from those 2,100 marines to participate in the Nevada tests of June and July 1957 comes this initial report:

     “We were told to bend down in the ditch and cover our eyes with our forearms. When that blast went off, I could see the bone in my arm through my closed eyes... We were thrown back and forth in that ditch. It was like a stampede of cattle went over us. The force and heat were tremendous. We had burns on the back of our necks. We weren’t prepared ahead of time for any of this... We were as innocent as children until that bomb lit up the sky as bright as day and I turned to see a manikin behind me with its face on fire.”

     After enrollment on the Purification program some two decades later (and following a myriad of physical complaints), a flush precisely matching those aforementioned neck burns appeared and then rapidly dissipated. Similarly, a victim of the Hiroshima bombing would tell of discharging a flush precisely matching flash-burns received through the window of her Hiroshima apartment. While more importantly, both cases further reported equally remarkable improvements as to health, clarity of thought and increased vitality.

Niacin, the "Educated" Vitamin by L. Ron Hubbard continued...

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